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Located in the Silicon Vineyard, Setore Australia is rapidly securing its place in the local information technology industry. The philosophy that software’s malleable nature enables humanity to achieve anything with it, forms  the core ideology of Setore Australia.

Specialising in RAD (Rapid  Application Development) and prototyping, Setore focuses on enabling the ideas  and concepts of our business and personal clients in as little time as possible.  Regardless of whether you have a basic conceptual outline of what you want to  achieve or a detailed, in-depth project plan, Setore can be the powering force  behind its success. By partnering with key hardware providers, Setore  Australia’s involvement in your solution is from idea to implementation,  ensuring an unprecedented quality of service throughout.

From our core ideology, forms our research and development department. Focusing on ubiquitus  computing, Setore is working on extending a single software platform (known as  Sentient) that seamlessly integrates with our lifestyles – forming the  foundation to link all aspects of our lives.