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User Agreement

Please read the following terms and conditions prior to exchanging information, downloading, installing or using services involcing Setore Australia.


All materials (including software, services and data) supplied by Setore Australia is provided ‘as is’, without warranties of any kind. Setore Australia is only obligated with services and products where explicitly stated and only then under the strict conditions stated. Materials, services and/or data provided by Setore Australia may in no way be complete, bug/error free or be guaranteed to not include virus, malicious or spyware/adware of any kind. Whilst every effort is made that the services directly provided by Setore Australia are virus, malicious or spyware/adware free, no guarantee can be made to you, the user. The user, accepts sole responsibility as to outcomes of the use of any product and or service provided by Setore Australia. Regardless of conditions at time of service, Setore Australia makes no commitment to update information, materials and services or to the continuation of such services. Information and or services published or provided by Setore Australia may refer to products, programs or services that are no longer effective or available.